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District Urban Management Bureau rectification LED display screen
Source: | Author:liangjingd | Publish time: 2016-11-30 | 458 Views | Share:

For all grades, and improve the image of the area recently, District Urban Management Bureau on the area of the LED display, outdoor advertising were thoroughly investigation and registration, and the 111 influence of visual scene showed no complete LED of the standard order rectification show advertising screen, damaged the damage field.
The process of remediation finishing, District Urban Management Bureau in accordance with the law and the combination of teaching reform and the principle of ", promoting effect in improving together, to ensure that does not affect the appearance of the city. The staff face to do ideological work, from door to door to promote tolerance teaching in detail, move, reason, make the greatest efforts to encourage and supervise the owners of the present questions for rectification repair and upgrading, and implementation of stalking. Up to now, 111 showed no LED screens, damaged damaged field has all the end of the rectification of advertising.
The next step, the District Urban Management Bureau will continue to intensify efforts to promote the field of advertising management work smoothly, orderly, efficient, complete the city's image of all the continuous improvement.

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