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LED display in the market place can not be separated from the technical control
Source: | Author:liangjingd | Publish time: 2016-11-30 | 416 Views | Share:
LED display in the market place can not be separated from the technical control

    Although the electronic display demand now near saturation state, but with the development of the new screen, as well as new demand shopping malls and application environment break, which will give the domestic LED display market to bring new opportunities.
LED shows excellent characteristics with the screen and shopping malls in advance, now has from the traditional heavy color single type, smooth transition into now is easy to install, multifunctional, full-color LED display color screen, LED screen, LED screen LED Stadium on loan, LED display screen, floor tile gradually become the mainstream market. Love deep user, with LED display in the market occupation occupy a space for one person in agile, now has become the new darling of the market. Satisfaction reflects the LED screen show infinite useful, especially with LED display development, every nook in the world almost all can see the large LED display screen, the whole international to add color and beautify every city. Also together by the common praise of the broad consumer, LED display screen career rapid prosperity to carry out, also formed a new development period.
Specifically divided into 3 periods:
The utility model during 1.LED screen show: LED display with environmental protection, high brightness, high resolution, high reliability and other characteristics gradually emerged, and a LED display, shopping malls only satisfied the needs of the people, but in the LED display of goods is not up to the request, the quality of clearance. With the development of LED display screen, and now LED goods and a new break. At least over the previous period and improve the progress of. Has developed a series of completely different from the traditional light source using the products will be popular. LED display screen will show a larger and wider development space. LED display screen is not only beautify the role of it, it is more appropriate to make more appropriate to the life of the little drops. Now the manufacturers to fight is in the planning and use of
Skill development advantage.
2.LED display screen intelligent control period: follow the progress and development of LED display screen skills, LED as a semiconductor industry, will also take the high-speed train, to play its characteristics of high controllability. From the family to the office building, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to walk, from indoor to outdoor, all with intelligent control of the LED display screen system will bring a higher level of service to mankind. LED display screen career will be done by the commodity, to the planning of goods, to supply the process of all the processing program.
3.LED display instead of bear: because the LED manifestation during the primary body screen goods now high light efficiency (low energy consumption), long life characteristics of this period is LED display carried out early, so in the offer, the customer seems to have a certain ratio. Of course, customers have a bearing on the process, customers in the use of habits and appearance of a transition and bear. Let the customer know LED display product features, choose a can save electricity and other characteristics of longevity. So that customers can easily bear its relatively high price, especially in commercial occasions, not to mention the customer is also the second in the offer, the most important is to pass the quality. So the manufacturers are now in the quality of the price advantage.
Do a good job of the 8 skills to ensure the quality of the LED display screen
Vast users like the quality of the product and the quality are inseparable, to produce a good quality LED display screen, the following aspects need to do a good job skills:
1, anti-static LED display screen display screen assembly factory should have outstanding anti static method. Special anti-static, anti-static flooring, anti-static, anti-static soldering pad, anti-static ring, anti-static clothing, humidity control, equipment grounding (special cutting machine) are the basic request, but to use electrostatic meter check.
The brightness of 2, driving circuit of LED display driver circuit board layout planning module on the IC screen driver will also affect LED. Because the drive IC output current in the PCB board transmission distance too far, will make the transmission path voltage drop is too large, affecting the normal operating voltage of LED, resulting in its brightness drop. We often find LED display screen module around the LED brightness is lower than the center, that is the factor. So to ensure the common display screen brightness, we must plan a good driver circuit distribution.
3, planning the current value LED nominal current is 20mA, the maximum current is often argued that the use does not exceed 80% of the nominal value, especially on the distance a small screen, because the heat condition not good, should also decrease the current value. According to experience, because the red, green, blue LED attenuation of the same sex, there is a ground down blue, green LED current value, in order to adhere to the long-term use of the screen after the white balance of the common.
4, mixed lights with a color is not the same as the intensity of the LED demand mix light, or in accordance with the discrete rules of the planning of the interpolation lamp to insert the lights, in order to ensure that the entire screen brightness of each color of the common. If this process is presented in doubt, it will show some of the brightness of the display screen is not common scene, a direct impact on the role of LED display screen.
5, good straightness of lamp control line LED, a furnace to ensure satisfactory technical skills LED straight from the PCB board. Any error will affect the brightness of LED common has been set up, showing the color brightness is not common.
6, temperature soldering temperature must be strictly control a good moment in time and wave front welding furnace time, preheating temperature of 100 DEG C stands for: - 5 DEG C, the highest do not exceed 120 DEG C, and preheating temperature rise for stable, welding temperature is 245 DEG C - 5 DEG C, welding time that does not exceed 3 seconds, too avoid furnace after oscillation or shock LED, until rehabilitation room temperature. The temperature parameter of wave soldering machine should be examined regularly.

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