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Full color LED electronic display screen Huaping how to deal with
Source: | Author:liangjingd | Publish time: 2016-11-30 | 494 Views | Share:
Full color LED electronic display screen Huaping how to deal with
Full color LED electronic display screen Huaping to appear in a variety of factors, the following will show how to handle LED full-color screen flowers screen is summarized. Needs to deal with LED flower screen to do the following 5 elements of a total demand:
1, LED display screen display is not normal, flower screen processing method:
(1) LED control card parameter setting is not accurate, there is no signal transmission to the electronic display screen LED control card;
(2) communication line is not normal, check the LED control card is not a signal input;
(3) LED control card 5V power supply is not normal;
2, electronic display part of the screen body appeared abnormal, such as black, Huaping treatment methods: check the screen body power abnormal is not normal operation; signal transmission line fault; fault screen of single module.
A. output question
(1) look at the output interface to the signal output of the IC is not connected to the line or short circuit.
(2) to see the output of the clock latch signal is not normal.
(3) to view the final drive IC between the level of output data port is not connected with the output interface of the data port interface or is not short circuit.
3, LED electronic screen flower screen can not be revealed
Treatment methods: check electronic display power supply is not normal, is not a 220V power input
4, reinstall the system, the graphics card may not support the high resolution caused by the.
Treatment method:
(1) to restart the computer, press the F8 button in the high-end series, start menu, select "security" enter login into the system, and then enter the show set in windows, 16 color selection conditions, click "use" button, click "OK" button.
(2) to restart the computer, in the normal form of windows, enter the device manager, delete the graphics driver, restart the computer can be.
5, chassis cooling is not good, resulting in the increase in the temperature caused by the graphics card.
Processing method: remove the heat doubt.
Check the fan is working properly, to clean up the chassis fan gas, dust, heat treatment after fault can eliminate doubt.
LED full color screen showing Huaping phenomenon can be checked from the above points, full-color LED display screen with flowers.

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