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Several major factors affecting the trend of LED display
Source: | Author:liangjingd | Publish time: 2016-11-30 | 412 Views | Share:
Several major factors affecting the trend of LED display
     These years, LED in a wide range of rapid development, not only because of its own advantages, but also with the development of Internet technology, the progress of digital skills, the use of big data is not without. Together, the media need to stimulate innovation in the skills of LED display manufacturers, the LED company to carry out the practice, we can summarize the interaction, use light, big data, visual impact is the main reason affecting the future direction of the LED display.
First, interaction is an important element of the impact of LED display, interactive services, on the field of advertising, to find the value of service and service is the most important way. Now LED media occupation competition first gathered in the APP, WeChat and other skills to complete the interaction between the audience and the media. This is a forced occupation is necessary to break the traditional ideas, as in the advertisement communication carrier, it should also be a way to create a service, and in this way to create every kind of interaction, self customized and professional information services and other new ways, this kind of way can become a way the audience fast access to information, also can attract more audience to participate in the meantime. These are or can be turned into a new direction in the field of LED advertising.
Secondly, the use of light is also an important factor affecting the direction of the LED display, the use of light is not required to download the use of the use of. Now, the advertising career, field advertising and Internet connection is the inevitable trend of career development, the Internet is constantly developing and making the field advertising constantly improve and update, more and more perfect. Because of the rapid development of the Internet, LED advertising and its content is bound to break the traditional way of binding and carried out to the audience as a starting point for the use of light.
Again, the big data in the current run rampant, it is bound to become an important element of the LED display. Field LED media is necessary after the media set up a database to find and understand the user's ratings practices, this database is not subject to the constraints of time and space. In addition, the field of media content is also closely related to big data, because the media have a LED field capacity specification, namely advertising and the total length of single long ad, these settings are standardized and media around the audience visual length is closely related, it needs through information about big data to set the media capacity. Ultimately, the field LED media planning also need to go through big data to study the audience to watch the field LED media visual base to set.
Eventually, the visual impact on the LED display is essential. To the surprise of the audience's visual impact on the transmission of advertising will have an unexpected effect. Virtual reality, gorgeous interactive, infinite, etc., are or will become the direction of the field of advertising. As with the naked eye 3D representatives of the information communication skills, in the past few years stole the show, let the audience brain hole wide open, so outdoor media to convey from the medium hard-edged, it is necessary to consider the needs of the audience, the rich visual expression, do a very good communication effect, the formation of a strong visual impact, to do the best to convey.
In summary, the continuous progress of science and technology, affects all walks of life, to the wild LED advertising is also necessary in dance and technology constantly with the audience more and more high, to create a legend in the field of LED, the increase of infinite charm.

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