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Outdoor LED display screen ten skills
Source: | Author:liangjingd | Publish time: 2016-11-30 | 439 Views | Share:
Outdoor LED display screen ten skills
Follow the shopping mall on the field of advertising needs to continue to progress, the use of the outdoor LED display screen to expand the plan. The face of the market brand of miscellaneous goods, how can buy the industry users to make a self satisfied with the goods? LED show the parameters of screen is a prerequisite.
1, clarity: according to the best viewing intervals that screen required area, clarity "40000 pixels /m2" the best distance is 5-50 meters; 16 bit data interface using the first, to further improve image clarity.
2, the screen brightness: brightness planning in more than 2500cd/m2, can not only ensure the indoor full color LED display normal use color, vivid image clarity, and can guarantee the LED display tube in the case when the attenuation exceeds 30% with video image brightness and bright clear enough. Refresh rate: between the processor and the screen with Super 5 shielded twisted pair line equipment, high performance control IC, able to screen high refresh rate in planning more than 1000HZ, to ensure that the video broadcast without water ripples and flashing, full digital low loss, anti electromagnetic interference. The power supply and signal transmission method for full-color LED display: the importance, so the power supply and signal transmission to the special treatment in the skill, the use of high quality in the planning and other connectors. Further in the plug pull lift caused by the wrong control all.
3, control method: choose the control system of independent planning, and carry on 240 hours of uninterrupted power aging selection, and then choose a highly reliable control system. And the dual redundancy backup control method, once the problem immediately by another signal line access, continuous normal operation, smooth connection.
4, raw materials: LED display screen all raw materials are selected brand quality goods, the most important LED lamp selection of high quality LED lamp;
5, three level commodity aging procedure: first to automated assembly line production module for 24 hours electricity aging, then the single box 48 hours of electricity aging, the final simulation display products assembled on site after another 72 hours electricity aging, qualified after arriving at the site where the assembly of talent.
6, commodity quality control: all goods strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2000 quality certification system for commodity manufacturing. (see quality certification), will be strictly in accordance with the waterproof IP65 test, to complete the role of waterproof. LED display screen device debugging: strictly according to the planning program for LED display screen device debugging, the device level to reach C level or above (LED display screen device the highest level).
7, the first system software (ready to use): the operating system selection of XP Windows and support the Windows series of the latest supply. All use of the software are Windows for the operation of channels and friendly interface. There are rich software clock function, it can show the date, time and time, computer time synchronization clock can appear so analog clock, digital clock can be so. Software use preemptive thread skills, multi thread can broadcast text, photos, audio, animation, clock in broadcast software.
8, perfect system function plan (prepared for the use of screen): the system can be satisfied with the party, performances, television and advertising broadcast request. The LED display system with multimedia, multi path and real-time communication of high-speed data and video interface, to facilitate the various forms of information source of the introduction of computer network system, complete the same input control a variety of audio and video. Specific functions are as follows:
9, the video broadcast function can show the true color video image; high fidelity to broadcast closed-circuit television and satellite television programs; a variety of video signal input and output interface: composite video, Y/C video (S_Video), YpbPr, VGA (RGBHV), DVI, HDMI, and SDI (HDSDI); to broadcast video recorders, DVD (high fidelity VCD, DVD, LD) and other video programs in the video on the screen; with the superposition of text, animation and static images and other functions; modified equipment can complete the panorama, close-up, slow motion and special real-time modification and broadcast function. Brightness, contrast, color saturation, can pass the software range of 256 level conditioning, conditioning; with image freeze function; with video superposition (VGA+Video), image (Video) and VGA three form; with a horizontal / straight range compensation function; with synchronizing function.
10, computer graphic information broadcast function can show a variety of computer information, text, graphics, images, and two 3D animation; with rich broadcast method, show information, tell a slogan, tumbling, data storage capacity information. The screen can open multiple windows, show calendar, clock, a single text. There are a variety of Chinese font and font selection, also can input English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Latin and many other languages. Broadcast system with multimedia software, can be sensitive to input and broadcast a variety of information. Broadcast method has the mercy of tumbling, tumbling up and down, pushing up and down, up and down, forward, scattered, fan type, rotation, scaling, and other more than 20 kinds. Through the network connection, shows the network data information. With the network interface, and computer networking, sharing of cyber source code, audio signal output interface to audio and video synchronization with the.

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